© A. Marcus J. Robbins 2014

Hello! I’m Marcus

I’m a tropical forester and have worked on
international development projects throughout my career.
Early on I married Gilli (who was a nurse), & we have four children.
In the 1990’s I began to be more involved and interested
in management of people rather than trees.
I began to realise that projects often fail because
of problems between people rather than technical ones.

I therefore became interested in studying the many
ideas and theories about how people go about life,

A major problem seemed to be that most of us think
that our way of understanding things is the best and
we have difficulty working with people who are different.

In an effort to understand all the ideas I came across
(whose originators often thought their ideas were the best!)
I began to develop a model that would serve to
summarise, compare and contrast these ideas.

This eventually turned into yet another model (Octaikon)
but one which could help us to use all the other ones
with the aim of understanding ourselves and others better
and embracing the differences we have between us.

This website shares all the ideas and insights that I’ve had.
Note that I’m not an expert but an amateur enthusiast.
As you look at the resources I’ve produced you may think
that I’ve tried to do too much with the model.
But I think you can only test where the limits are
once you’ve tried to cross  them!

As you’ll see, I’ve looked at both material and spiritual matters
but I’ve tried to be open to all types of belief and none.

How could the resources described here be used now?
I personally think that the model would form an invaluable
lifelong learning tool, especially for those who may
need special help to reassess or reconnect with their world
as a result of big changes they are facing in their lives
(e.g. schooling, employment, the law, marriage, or bereavement)

It’s up to you - build on what I’ve done!
And tell me about your successes…