© A. Marcus J. Robbins 2014

Materi-AL and Motion-AL
need to keep each other in balance

Our roles must be acted out together.
Physical matter needs energetic motion.
Everything has to move to have existence.
To sense, eat, drink and acquire matter,
we must be able to move, and vice versa.
We all need to work to be able to live.
Our ability to move has enabled us to
invent things that extend our senses
which in turn allow us to move even more.
So there is a time for both/&:

To watch & to act
To stay still & to make a move.
To chill out & to work hard
To deposit/save & to withdraw/spend
To be calm & to be energetic
To rest, recuperate & to take exercise
To consume inputs & to produce outputs
To be entertained & to entertain
To conserve resources & to utilise them
To use & to recycle
To service/maintain/repair & to fuel/drive
To smell the coffee & to drink it
To anticipate an act & to carry it out
To be traditional & to embrace change
To use your senses & to go by instinct
To study the past & to observe the present
To stroll through trees & fly to the moon
To capture a scene & to experience it
To feast & to fast