© A. Marcus J. Robbins 2014

Intellectu-AL and Phenomen-AL
need to keep each other in balance

Our roles must be acted out together.
There's no point in dreaming up ideas
if they are never communicated to others.
The way we tell others what's on our mind
depends on the types of thought we have:
Poetry, music, picture, idea, fiction or fact.
Languages allow us to express ourselves
via words, voice tone, body signs, symbols.
These two roles really make us unique.

So there is a time for both/&:

To think & to speak

To be rational & to be emotional

To know the truth & to tell the truth

To have an idea & to put it on paper

To go by instinct & to have an intuition

To imagine a letter & to write it down

To get educated & to find employment

To be paradoxical & to be straight forward

To use your right brain & to use your left

To be cooperative & to be competitive

To be pragmatic & to be idealistic

To be joyful & to be sorrowful

To be self-deprecating & to be self-confident

To be realistic & to be encouraging

To be honest & to be kind

To be progressive & to be conservative

To think globally & to act locally

To be diplomatic & to be out-spoken

To express your feminine side & your masculine