© A. Marcus J. Robbins 2014

Differenti-AL and Integr-AL
need to keep each other in balance

Our roles must be acted out together.
Functional parts need purposeful wholes,
wholes greater than the sum of their parts.
We need to understand HOW things work,
pulling stuff apart to see the inner detail,
But we must be also put things together
so that we can understand WHY they work.
That's where science AND religion help.
You have to learn about them both.

To see the particular & to uncover the universal

To look at the detail & to see the big picture

To be a follower & to be a leader

To take apart & to put together

To gather evidence & to draw conclusions

To sort things out & to put them away

To be part of a team & to manage it

To find a lost sheep & to care for its flock

To analyse & to synthesise

To be specific & to generalise

To be unambiguous & to be vague

To discriminate & to be inclusive

To have diversity & to promote unity

To simplify & to make more complex

To examine the dead & to observe the living

To cast the actors & to direct the play

To peer down a microscope &
to gaze through a telescope

To see the trees & to discover the wood

To have biodiversity & to create uniformity