© A. Marcus J. Robbins 2014

 Origin-AL and Influenti-AL
need to keep each other in balance!

Our roles must be acted out together.
Creative freedom needs ordering rules.
Without laws, Big Bangs create chaos!
Our need to be free, creative and original
must be balanced by law, order and habit.
If they get out of balance, we'll have either
anarchy/chaos, or boredom/repression.
We tend to limit other people's freedom
if we follow our freedom without control.

So there is a time for both/&:

To be funny & to be serious

To be creatively free & to follow the rules

To be spontaneous & to be disciplined

To show mercy & to punish (but justly!)

To start something new & to stop old stuff.

To disobey (unjust) laws & to obey (just) laws

To play games & to keep to the rules

To be relaxed, calm & to be alert

To be open to change & to be traditional

To allow free trade & to insist on fair trade

To set free & to be in control

To insist on rights & to accept responsibilities

To dream/imagine & to be down to earth.

To be pragmatic & to be idealistic

To be adaptable & to be dependable

To be joyful & to be sorrowful

To be digital & to be analogue

To make love & to abstain

To be born & to die