© A. Marcus J. Robbins 2014

 Intern-AL and Relation-AL
need to keep each other in balance

Everything relates inwardly and outwardly.
We need to understand ourselves first
before we can understand other people.
The divine command is to love God fully,
and other people as much we love ourselves.
If we don't love ourselves, that's difficult!
Outer relations need inner reflection.
That's why Al has imagined these ten Aliases
So that you can begin to know yourself!

So there is a time for both/&

To care for ourselves & to care for others

To meditate & to engage with the world

To contemplate & to act

To be inward-looking & to be out-going

To be heavenly minded & to be of earthly use

To be praying & to be preying (just joking)

To seek the divine & to be with the human

To be spiritual & to be material

To be still and know & to be active and know

To be in the body & to be in the spirit

To know yourself & to know others

To go on retreat & to have a party

To go to sleep & to wake up (smell the coffee!)

To fast & to feast

To muse & to amuse

To be alone & to be together

To be an individual & to be corporate/communal

To be mystical & to be accessible

To interiorise & to empathise/be compassionate